Tuesday, 4 April 2017

What I Loved In March...

I can't decide if I'm glad to see the back of March or not. I made some great memories this past month, but I also lost my beloved dog, my furry best friend, to the dreaded C word.  With the past week being quite a turbulent one, I thought it would be nice to write about what I enjoyed this month and remind myself that life isn't all dark clouds and heartbreak...

The latest instalment in the X-Men film franchise had me feeling every emotion.  It tore my heart out a little, but I thought it was the Wolverine film that we all needed and, after all this time, deserved.  Over recent years, I've grown a little tired of the "superhero movie" trend, but I loved 'Logan'.  It didn't feel like your typical Marvel feature of banter and spandex, and that's what made it so perfect. 

Get Out
I knew I was going to enjoy 'Get Out', as soon as Childish Gambino's 'Redbone' started playing in one of the first scenes. Due to the internet being spoiler central, I had avoided looking in to the film too much before watching it as I didn't want to have it ruined before even arriving at the cinema.  I won't say much, but I will say that the film did not disappoint, David Kaluuya's performance was insanely good, and I am excited to see more films from Jordan Peele in the future. 

There are very very few things in life that bring me more happiness than music. I find it so spiritual and uplifting. Last month I attended the Sunday of C2C. For those who don't know, C2C is an annual country music festival that takes place over a whole weekend in London. It features some of the biggest names in country music in the main arena as well as a huge line-up of up-and-coming artists on smaller stages around the O2.  Any occasion where I get to drink Makers Mark cocktails, eat nachos and sing my heart out is a winner so I of course had the best time.  
I was so excited to see Maren Morris perform; her album 'Hero' has been on repeat in the car for months, and hearing 'My Church' in the main arena was a tad overwhelming and did bring a little tear to my eye.  I will always be in awe of how talented she is, both as a singer and songwriter.  She is returning to the UK this autumn with her singer-songwriter boyfriend, Ryan Hurd, and tickets can be purchased here
I will always have a special place in my heart for Brothers Osborne; their 'Pawn Shop' album is what got my older brother in to country music. I felt like I had waited a lifetime to see them perform, and I had a slight fear in the back of my head that I would be disappointed, but that fear never materialised.  They opened the main arena on the Sunday, with what I believe was their first ever London show.  It was one of the best sets I have ever seen.  Getting to hear the 'Stay A Little Longer' guitar solo live was a highlight of not just the day, but my whole year so far.  I wouldn't be surprised to see John Osborne's name up there with the likes of Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton in the list of All-Time Greatest Guitarists in the near future; the man is a rockstar. I also have an odd desire to hear the Bros cover 'The Way You Make Me Feel' by Michael Jackson; if anyone has any connections for when they return to London, make this happen, please and thank you. 
We ended our C2C experience with Zac Brown Band covering 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen.  It was the perfect way to say goodbye to an excellent day.

The Breaker - Little Big Town
I've been listening to Little Big Town for quite some time, but I really fell in love with their sound seeing them live at C2C last year.  Their latest record, 'The Breaker', has been my go to album this past month.  It is easy listening but very emotive, with songs like 'Free' and 'When Someone Stops Loving You' being stand out tracks for me personally.  The title track has a story you would not hear on many records - so often are songs about heartbreak and your partner cheating on or leaving you - and it is almost refreshing to hear someone sing about being the person that does the breaking, does the leaving, and I think the lyric "I shot the stars out of your sky" is so devastating but so beautiful. I wish I was going to Little Big Town's show at the Royal Albert Hall in October, but I will be out of the country and probably singing 'Girl Crush' at the top of my lungs to make up for it, much to the annoyance of my parents who I will be travelling with. 


Nars - Laguna Bronzer
I rediscovered an old favourite in March; Nars' Laguna Bronzer.  I've used a lot of bronzers in the past, and whilst I have fallen in love with the likes of Kiko and Chanel, nothing will ever beat Nars Laguna.  It is the perfect shade, whether I am pale or tanned.  I love how easy it is to blend, how it adds warmth to my complexion, and how I can even use it to contour. If you want a healthy glow, give this a go. 

Benefit - Precisely, My Brow Pencil and Benefit Gimme Brow Volumising Fibre Gel
Despite loving makeup, I am so lazy when it comes to my brows.  I have never got on with pomades or most brow pencils as I prefer a more natural look on myself and I just don't have time to perfect that technique.  I needed something to easily fill in the more sparse areas of my brows and give them that little bit of an oomph, and after trying what felt like every product on the market, I discovered Benefit's brow range.  I first had a sample of their Gimme Brow, and instantly fell in love.  It was just what I had been hunting for.  I then decided to purchase their Precisely, My Brow pencil. The two together are the perfect combination for me.  I use shade 4 in the pencil and shade 5 in the gel.

Nivea - Regenerating Night Cream 
My skin has not been in the best condition lately, I've really struggled to maintain my skincare routine and it is starting to show.  One product that is helping me get back on track is the Nivea Regenerating Night Cream.  After removing my makeup and washing my face in the evenings, I massage a small amount of this in to my skin. When I wake up in the morning, my skin feels amazing.  Since I started using this, I also find that my makeup applies so much better, and even lasts longer throughout the day. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Pure Hollywood Liquid Lipstick
The first liquid lipstick I ever tried was from ABH; I've purchased a variety of brands over the past couple of years, both drugstore and higher end, and despite some of them being amazing, I will always prefer the formula of the ABH liquid lipsticks. To me, it feels softer and not as drying as other brands.  I fell in love with the shade Pure Hollywood during the month of March and it has become a staple in my makeup bag. 

I also feel that I have to do a shoutout to the incredible blogging community.  I've only been blogging since the 9th March but the outpouring of support from the blogging community over the past few weeks has been really lovely. Thank you all for being such a fab bunch of people, you've made me realise that taking this leap in to your world was well and truly worth it, and so far, I've been loving every second spent writing, chatting, editing.  I will be forever grateful for the love.

What did you love last month? Do you have any exciting things planned for April?

Nai xo
Disclaimer: the links to products above are affiliate links xoxo

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