Thursday, 13 April 2017

What's in my Hand Luggage

I've always loved reading other blogger's "What's in my..." posts, and whilst packing for a trip to Prague last week, it felt like the perfect time to take a quick photograph of what I was taking on the flight...  

I'm definitely not an expert when it comes to traveling, especially when it comes to packing - I once flew home from the USA with just my DSLR and my passport as hand luggage. It was not my best move, and I would not recommend it.  

I think I've finally nailed the basics when it comes to hand luggage, especially for a short haul flight.  I tend to go for a tote bag, and to make sure that I never have too much inside (nobody wants to be lugging a heavy bag around).  Below is a list of what I would consider my hand luggage essentials...

I would hope that it is pretty obvious that you should pack your passport as you wouldn't get far without it, but I'm going to remind you anyway.  Mine lives in a, slightly tatty, case from Aspinal of London.  I would like to be one of those people that has a proper travel document holder, but alas, I am not. Maybe one day...

Travel guide
As much as Pinterest and Google are great for getting tips and tricks on your new destination, nothing beats a travel guide.  I always end up buying one from Lonely Planet and having a little read on the plane - they are the best for learning some language basics, finding out the best time to visit attractions, etc. 

I try not to wear a lot of makeup when flying as the aircon ruins my skin.  I do always take a small makeup bag with me with just a few products in; concealer, powder, mascara, blush, so that I can make myself look a little more presentable for when I land. Superdrug do a great set of clear make-up bags, and I use the smallest one for my makeup. 

If you ever see me without my phone, I am probably lost. The majority of flights I become very antisocial and end up listening to a playlist or podcast so my headphones are a necessity.  The peachy phone case is from Skinnydip (and is my favourite thing EVER).  

Power bank 
It is a running joke that my phone battery runs out faster than anyone else's, so I make sure to take my little Stormtrooper power bank with me so I can charge my phone if I've spent too long on Instagram whilst waiting to board the plane.  

Similarly to makeup, I like to take just a couple of skincare products with me.  I hate that feeling when you get off a flight and your skin feels horrible.  Nivea do a fab little travel size pack of face wipes, ideal for a quick freshen up either on the plane or once you've landed.  The aircon on planes really messes with my skin, so I take a Vitamin E moisture cream with me to stop my skin from drying out - my favourite is from The Body Shop.  I don't go anywhere without my Nivea lip balm, and I've recently fallen in love with this new Almond Milk and Honey hand cream, also from The Body Shop. 

Whether it's to protect my eyes from the glaring sun when I step off the plane, or to hide my 3am dark circles, I always take a pair of sunnies with me.  Mine are from Quay Australia. 

If you are going on a little city break adventure soon, I hope this helps with your packing! Let me know your 2017 destinations...

Nai xo

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  1. Be careful with power banks, for some reason, South Korea security pulled me aside due to my power bank. It was fine though and I got it back.
    My hand luggage usually contains my camera, phone + chargers, a book and headphones. I don't bring make up or anything else as I'm always worried they will take it away!!


    1. Oh really? I've never had trouble with mine but good tip!
      My hairbrush once got taken away and broken apart when I was 13, still remains one of my weirdest airport experiences! xo


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